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As Douglas County prepares for another winter, the following information concerning the snow removal services of the Douglas County  Engineer's office may be of assistance to you:

The Douglas County Engineer's office is responsible for snow removal on all county roads and may provide snow removal on dedicated public streets within the County that are not specifically serviced by the City of Omaha. Snow will be plowed on all County highways first and then other streets are plowed if needed.

Plowing Snow: In general, County highways will be cleared within 12 hours of the end of the storm and other streets within 24 hours. Storms with large amounts of accumulating snow, especially if accompanied by high winds and cold temperatures, will take a longer period of time to remove snow.

Icy Streets: Public, dedicated streets are sanded on a "as-needed" basis with emphasis placed on school bus routes, busy intersections and steep hills.

Driveways & Sidewalks: Unfortunately, while clearing the streets, driveways can become plugged and sidewalks covered with snow. Crews have no place other than the side of the street to put the snow. Manpower and budgets do not allow for the clearing of driveways and sidewalks.

Parked Cars: Parked cars can be both a hazard and a hindrance to snow removal efforts. To allow the crews to do the best job possible, owners should move their cars off the street before the snowplows arrive.

Cul-De-Sacs & Circles: Most snow removal equipment cannot plow circles because of the tight turning required. As a result cul-de-sacs are plowed by smaller equipment and after all the other residential streets are done. If there is no place to put snow because of too many driveways, or too many parked cars, a cul-de-sac may not be plowed.

Width of Plowing: Immediately following a storm, County snowplows will make two passes on all streets to open them to two-way traffic. Snowplows will later return to further clear the streets for parking and to provide sufficient room to push the snow for the next storm. The first priority immediately after a storm is to open all streets to traffic as soon as possible.

Mailboxes: It is the property owner's responsibility to clear snow from a mailbox. When plowing snow mailboxes are sometimes unavoidably blocked by the operation.

Complaints: Report an issue online or Call 444-6395 to report any problems. Each call will be handled as quickly as possible.



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