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The Douglas County Engineer is an elected partisan position with a four- year term of office. The elected official must be a licensed engineer. Nebraska state law (23-1901) defines the duties of the County Engineer, and designates the county engineer in this county as the highway superintendent. The office of County Engineer is responsible for:

  • Preparing the Six Year Highway Improvement Plan, which is a publication of proposed road improvements for Douglas County.
  • Construction of roadway improvement projects as approved by the Board of Commissioners including design, advertisement, bid letting, recommendation for contract award and project construction management.
  • Issuing right-of-way permits for the following:
    • Construction of driveways, field entrances, streets, public roads on County right-of-way
    • Over-weight/over-width permits
    • County road right-of-way usage for miscellaneous purposes
  • Supervision of the following Divisions:
    • The Highway & Maintenance Division which provides for the roadway maintenance, traffic signing and striping and snow removal for 466 lane miles of paved roads and 207 lane miles of gravel county roads and 107 county bridges. It also provides winter snow removal and ice control services to 133 SIDs for their 708 lane miles of residential streets and 416 cul-de-sacs.
    • The Survey Division's responsibilities include establishing and perpetuating public section corners, roadway improvement surveys, construction staking and maintenance of survey records. The Division is also responsible for the implementation of the Geographic Information System for the Department.
    • The Engineering and Traffic Planning Division provides for drafting, engineering design, bridge inspection and review of surveys and proposed roadway design of improvements on the public right-of-way. The traffic engineering group provides technical assistance to Sanitary and Improvement Districts (SIDs), performs traffic and speed studies and installs approved traffic devices at the SID's expense with the approval of the County Board.
    • Construction Division provides construction, inspection and administration to support construction projects.

The Douglas County Engineer's Office employs approximately 80 people and uses the following for maintenance operations:

  • 18 Tandem Axle Trucks
  • 23 Single Axle Trucks
  • 6 Motor Graders
  • 3 Truck Mounted Snow Blowers
  • 2 Loader Mounted Snow Blowers
  • 4 Heavy Plow Trucks
  • 20 Pickups


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