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We cannot provide a time when we will be in your neighborhood. The following provides the guidelines we must follow during snow operations. Douglas County has adopted a policy of clearing SIDs of snow after addressing the county road system, as allowed by state law and county board resolution.

(Statute 39-1405 #2 The county board may, after clearance of snow and ice from the county road system, clear snow from all public streets of incorporated sanitary and improvement districts in the same manner as if such streets were part of the county road system.

Any county board performing such snow and ice clearance in a sanitary and improvement district shall not be held liable for any damages arising from such snow and ice clearance unless damages arise as a result of gross negligence.).

In typical snow situations, equipment is sent into residential areas concurrently with equipment going on the county road system. In these cases, the time lag in clearing the county road system is negligible.

In case of more severe snow and ice emergencies, we will continue to clear the county road system with all available equipment, until the county roads are serviceable, and then send equipment into residential areas.

The county will send equipment into the SIDs as quickly as possible. This timing will be determined by the management of the Douglas County Engineer’s Office, based on the existing conditions. The SIDs retain the right to provide their own snow removal if they choose to do so.


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