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If you live in an incorporated SID, the SID is responsible for street repairs.


If you live in an unincorporated subdivision, there are several possibilities. Many of the unincorporated areas entered into agreements with the County Engineer's Office to have the normal maintenance performed by county personnel.


"Upon certification to the County Engineer that the public streets within an unincorporated village or addition have been constructed in conformance with current subdivision standards, the County will maintain those streets to the standards to which they were built. Maintenance includes blading and applying gravel or rock as needed on unpaved roads, patching and crack sealing of paved roads, cleaning ditches and culverts, clearing ice and snow and other minor work as needed. The County will not armor coat, pave, repave, or otherwise reconstruct or upgrade existing public streets. If, in the opinion of the County Engineer, a paved road can no longer be economically patched and needs resurfacing, he/she may notify the abutting property owners that the road will no longer be maintained by the County until it has been resurfaced."


The Home Owner's Association in an unincorporated area is responsible for getting the neighbors together to pay for street repairs in the case the street has broken down to the point it can no longer be maintained.


If no agreement has been formalized with the County the property owners are responsible for street repairs.


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